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Why we need social media for SME?

Why we need social media for SME?

As a small business, we need to focus many thing and have a lot of target to met. but onething we kept asking ourself is: why we need to do social media? even if there are so many social media channels? it’s getting harder and harder to keep on top of everything? is it realy worth it?

Before you make decision, may you should have a look at what other SME owner thinks.

how important social media is

Majority thinks it’s very import, for the following reasons:

  • Most of SME’s are community based and individual focused, so it’s wise to keep in touch with your customer on the regular basis. Let them feel you are there.
  • The other important reason is: less expensive than normal way of advertising. I think this is the most wanted reason for social media, as most of SMEs are trying to save cost.
  • Joint to group.  Some of the SME’s can form up a group and try to serve the same group of users, like geographical or interest focused etc. Having the social media will allow them to find the group and joint, then they can be more powerful than just on its own.

So…. are you social media ready? Feel free to drop us a note