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Perfect Intergration

With your data holding in one place, you can auto sync to many other places with just a click of a button.

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Unleash The Power Of eCommerce on
Social Media

At a click of a button, ShowMine will help you to broadcast to many social media channels automatically. It will save you time, and keep your business up to date with its customers.

Reaching more mobile users

Fully compatible with all the mobile devices. Helping business to reach more mobile users.

Social Media Integrated

Auto spread over many channels at the same time. Generates more leads with less efforts.

Market Analysis

Tracks analytic data automatically, helping business understand their customers more.

Cloud Solution

Get connected anywhere any time. Much closer to your customer with more prompt relationship.

Get Paid Quicker

Allowing Australian company to receive AUD, no matter what currency was paid.

China Enabled

Via WeChat, it enables you to sell your hight quality products direct to your Overseas' customer.

More Optunities

Continuing integrating more and more big platforms and sync'd at the same time.

A Multitude Of
Options And Feats

Managing your business at single point with multitude of options and add-ons, which allows you to do normal ecommerce like selling your products. Also includes social e-commerce like group-buys and referrals

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WeChat Mini App
Bank Cards

Connected to various websites and manage the content at one point.

Broadcast to many social media channels at the same time, with just a click of a button.

Integrated with several major payment gateways, less hassle more payments.

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